Gemeinsam in Europa


Usually resources to fund and staff additional programmes to support young people with extra educational needs and with a lack of social skills and role models are scarce. Voluntary mentoring programmes can be a successful strategy to help young people with all kinds of backgrounds to improve their skills and to help them achieve their full potential. But even if the mentors work voluntarily, some additional resources and an efficient management is needed to make these programmes a success.

Therefore VoluMe was started. 5 organisations - from Czech Republic,  England, Germany, Lithuania and Slovakia - with voluntary mentoring projects took part in this Grundtvig learning partnership. They met at study visits to exchange experience and knowledge and started to write a guideline and a tool kit to provide organisations with relevant expertise, tools and innovative (new) ideas how to start and maintain voluntary mentoring and partnership projects successfully to serve young people in their communities effectively.

The kit contains materials and information you need to start or maintain a quality mentoring programme, with a wide collection of good practices of voluntary mentoring and partnerships and programmes across Europe.

This partnership focused on mentoring and partnership programmes aiming to improve the academic performance of young people as well as their emotional wellbeing and social skills.